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n. proaCTivism: Bringing flair and CT can-do attitude to citizen engagement and governance all over Connecticut! 

Join me

 in galvanizing community advocacy, neighbor-to-neighbor. Let's raise our collective, disparate voices, and elevate the art of citizen governance in CT.

This is how we do it! Time to get some world-changing work done together.

I heard there will be cheese.

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Citizen-led proactive change for CT

Outraged? Get engaged. Join me in promoting solutions and Yankee resourcefulness to our fiscal, health and workforce challenges... Let's amplify our collective outrage into citizen engagement 2.0. This is NOT a drill. It's not too late, but its going to include a whole lot more of us to turn this spaceship around! CT, I'm looking at YOU to model: This is how we do it! #CTcanDO! Read the news here:


The Art of Resistance: Galvanizing the message

Creating pithy visual, media-grabbing messages worthy of amplification.

Think flash mob dance, a sign that expresses your frustration and hope, or just the accessories to join the collective masses marching on the streets, let's create something that is sure to get picked up by media and Twitter.  I've been doing this since Nixon. Really. (of course, I was VERY young then)


I am running for 135th District CT State Representative: the inclusive community of Easton, Weston, Redding

And beyond....

I am passionate and determined to collaborate on solutions for

1) Aging well

2) Health care access for all

3) Great public and affordable higher education

4) Safe, hospitable planet and sustainable community for future generations.

CT can model these: This is how its done. #CTcanDO


Social Work Advocate, LMSW

Geriatric Case Manager, Advocate, Licensed Master Social Worker

I love to train professionals and the public to advocate with and better serve community members under-represented in our community. I am proud to work for Jewish Senior Services as the Social Worker Coordinator of the Center for Elder Abuse Prevention, serving the 6 Lower Fairfield County towns. Social workers belong in policy and at all tables of governance!


Collective Action

Village-led Citizen Engagement

A bunch of us, showing up, determined, proaCTive, creative and mad. Because one voice was never enough. But a movement has legs, momentum & a future. Meet your new friends.

Collaborating and showing up. This is what creative democracy looks like.

Let's work together for change.  I'll bring the cheese.


Scary times call for extraordinary accessories: Accessories of the spirit that include expressions of hope, disruption, and creative defiance. I  help organize the grassroots tools of change:  articles, art, video, humor, consult, social advocacy, and great snacks.  Let's have fun as we work together. Join my campaign. Inclusive, big, bold, wide community-engaged, citizen led governance. THIS is what democracy looks like!


Opening Hours

Come Visit. Afternoons and evenings are heavenly at Fiddledale.

Mon - Fri: 12 pm - 9pm
Saturday: 12 noon - 6pm
Sunday: by appointment



67 North St
Easton, Fairfield County 06612

203 613-4040

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